Hello from Cape Breton

Well here I am at the Baddock library which is a two minute walk from my B & B. (Mother Gaelic's B & B). I decided not to do the Cabot Trail as the prediction is for non stop rain. However...it rained this morning and only overcast this afternoon but then again who knows what it will be like in the mountains. I just didn't feel comfortable doing it on my own if thereis fog and heavy rain. So I can tell my friend Claudia in Germany that I can do the Cabot Trail with her in a couple of years - she said she wanted to meet me in Nova Scotia some day...
I had a delightful day. This morning I drove to Uisge Ban water falls named to do some hiking. As luck would have it I met a couple of people from Victoria who were here for the walking convention (I had run into them yesterday and we had a chat) so they walked back to the falls with me and then we did the walk along the river together. It was raining when I started but the huge trees provided shelter and then it stopped. What a wonderful walk - enjoyed it so much. It was so kind of them to walk back with me as there was a part that was a bit tricky so was able to borrow a walking stick so I had two. I am a little nervous with bears & a local coyote problem. (there is a presentation on them here at the library tonight so will attend)

Then I drop to the Highland Village in Iona. I got to take a little ferry across the narrows so that was fun. The Highland Village was fantastic - enjoyed it so much. Not only all the period houses with friendly people inside but there was a mama Highland cow with her new baby. So adorable! I enjoyed the village so much. So I have made lemonade out of lemons...if I hadn't skipped the Cabot Trail I never would have seen this as I wouldn't have had time. The scenery & weather reminds me of Scotland so much. Love it here.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. I was able to cancel my B & B's on the trail without any problems so that's good.

Next up is a seafood dinner - the place was closed yesterday but open now so may even go for it and have a whole lobster. I've never had one so it guess it's about time...I've had lobster tails and lobster rolls....

Yesterday I did the 10km Baddeck walk and ran into a couple of Volksporters from near Halifax so walked with them and then went to the Alexander Graham Bell musuem which was near the end of the walk - had been there before but it has changed. What an amazing man.
Hopefully I can get back on the 'net before the end of the trip.