Here I am again

Back at the Baddeck library...hey it's free, dry and warm.... Had my lobster - first time I've apologized to what I am eating...but it was good. But once was enough. I will have a lobster roll before I leave this island but that's it. Had hot gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert - oh yum. Had a glass of wine with my lobster so am suitably warmed up now. :) My B & B is on the "cool side" - okay in bed but otherwise...brrrr.... but the hostess is really nice. And I love the area - right near the water (Bras D'Or lake). I can see a lighthouse from the bathroom!
I'm sorry Mr. Lobster!!! (but you sure tasted good!)
Hate to see the scales when I am home but oh well. Did not eat a single thing from brekky at 8 this morning so I was hungry.

Not sure what's happening tomorrow...put my name in for a 8 hour van trip of the Cabot Trail - if someone else drives it's okay...and then again may head over to Lousisbourg and may do the long way around for a change of scenery. We will see.

My cell phone has run out of money and I do have a card but not the telephone number to activate so that is next on my list of things to do....