Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love Cape Breton libraries!

Here I am back again. I had seafood fettucine for dinner tonight. It was pretty good - haddock, shrimp, scallops, salmon - the pasta could have been better but oh well. Tried to find a gas station but Joanne at the B & B said the closest one is ten minutes out of town. They used to have four gas stations here but they all closed...sad. Lots of empty stores here.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow....heavy rain in the morning and supposedly sun in the afternoon. I am gearing down now. One part of me wishes I had ended up the trip in Halifax - could handle more time in Halifax but that's not to be. I am just enjoying the ocean. I may do the walk in Glace Bay if the weather is good tomorrow afternoon but we shall see. Then again I may just go to the harbour and be by the sea. Oh how I will miss the ocean.

Going to sit and read magazines in a bit - the library closes at 8 so will probably stay until then and then go back to the B & B and watch TV. So far I am the only one there. Last night there was a couple from B.C. and they had the ensuite room so I had the bathroom to myself which was nice. There is no place open around here - man oh man don't know how people handle living here. No thank you!

I have repacked my suitcase. I brought it into the B & B being as it's a bungalow and I didn't have to lug it up the stairs. Tomorrow I will just take my clothes to wear Saturdayin with me to the B & B (already picked out) and then just repack them - that is what I did in Baddeck. Can't believe how much crap I brought with me - my suitcase weighs a ruddy ton.

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