Thursday, June 3, 2010

Misty Louisbourg

Here I am in Louisbourg - just back from touring the Fortress. Wow. It is absolutely amazing. Heard stories from the volunteers, toured the many buildings (and hung around the fire) and had hot pea soup for lunch served in pewter bowls with a pewter spoon. I was so cold I needed something to warm me up. It is less than a five minute drive from my B & B. It was crazy as I walked in and the waitress was seating me (on a bench as it was all set up like the 1700's) and I heard "Laurie" and here it was a couple from the walking convention. So I sat with them and had a good visit. It was cold, windy, misty with rain at the end but guess that's pretty "authentic" as they say. It added a mystery to the place that's for sure. I'd have preferred it to be sunny and unauthentic but you can't control the weather.

The B & B I am staying at is nice - a modern ranch style house complete with a cute little (or there any other kind) dachsund named Pogo. Joanne made fish cakes this morning with a hash brown casserole and toast. Yum yum. We get to pick our brekky from a sheet every evening so I may have to go for the same thing tomorrow - how often do you get to have fish cakes for breakfast? Tourism has been very slow in this area for a couple of years now so she was happy to have me for an extra night.

I drove over yesterday from Baddeeck via Glace Bay and visited the Miners Museum. Loved it. I toured the mine below with a retired miner named Arby - so interesting. He had so many stories to tell - boy oh boy it was a hard life especially in the early days. We wore our hard hats and had to walk stooped over around the mine. So glad I went - I was thinking of going Saturday morning before I turned the car back at noon but so glad I did it then as it took about three hours to do everything. I had a lobster roll and fries at the musuem restaurant - very good. I drove along the coast down to Louisbourg - the sun came out about an hour before I arrived here. Drove up to the lighthouse (location of the first lighthouse in Canada) and got some wonderful photos.

I walked along the wharf and popped into a restaurant on the water for a cup of coffee. Was too full to eat - skipped supper entirely last night!!! I told them I'd be back and I plan to go for a GOOD meal complete with vino after I finish here. Only two more seafood meals here left - wahh!!!

Tomorrow I plan to drive back to Glace Bay via Marian Bridge - perhaps popping in to Sydney again. I am booked into a B & B in Glace Bay. My flight leaves Sydney at 2:45 on Saturday afternoon.

Already thinking of my next adventure...fingers crossed it works out!!!

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