Pouring cats and dogs in Louisbourg

Glad I went to the fortress yesterday as really pouring today. I'm back at the Louisbourg library for a bit then will hit the road to Sydney. Not sure what I will do when I get there - probably check out the mall. How exciting. The one museum I would be interested in doesn't open until the 15th of June.

I will be staying at a bed and breakfast in Glace Bay tonight then flying out tomorrow afternoon. It's been a good trip - not a fantastic one I must admit - but a good one. They all can't be wonderful. Moments ranging from sheer joy (Cape St Mary's comes to mind) to sheer boredom. (like now) Next time I visit the Maritimes it will be in the fall - three times in May (twice because of a convention) is enough as things aren't open. I'm hoping my friend in Germany can join me for the next trip in a few years.

If the weather improves (and it's supposed to get sunny this afternoon) I may do the 10 km walk in Glace Bay. We shall see. I had hoped to do a bit of walking here this morning but it isn't to be.

Hope to hell it isn't raining in Regina as I want to go walking on Sunday. I will be posting pictures on this site later in the week. Back to work and working full time for at least six weeks. Oh well it pays for my fun...and believe me lots of fun to come. :) Stay tuned!!!!

Hey, looks like the rain has stopped....