Friday, June 4, 2010

Still bloggin

Above left - Table Head in Glace Bay - this is the site where Marconi sent his first transatlantic east to west telegraph to England. Above right - My rental car (Nissan Sentra) by the ocean in Glace Bay.

Am at Sydney library now - walked by here on the way back to my car. Have been doing some retail therapy here and had my last lobster roll for a late lunch. Celtic music playing in the background at the restaurant - there is a live concert tonight but way past my bedtime - 10:30!!! If I had been staying where we stayed for the convention I'd have gone over but not when I am a half hour drive away as I would want a drinkie poo or two.... I am told there won't be much selection of restaurants in Glace Bay so that is why I had lunch gas tank is full so trying to minimize the driving.

The sun is trying to come out so may do the Glace Bay walk if there is a 5 km option - will see. When I get back to the car will phone the B & B and see if they are in, etc. At least the rain has stopped and that is a GOOD thing.

I decided to come downtown as the road to Glace Bay is just fast food restaurants and Squallmart, etc. I avoid those at home so why bother here.

Hoping I can get to the Glace Bay harbour to say goodbye to the ocean...:(

Yes I did as you can see from the above photos. The morning I flew out I did a 5 km walk in downtown Glace Bay.

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