Busy day.,so far

Slept in a bit this morning being two hours behind and also very noisy during the night. Two guys were having a fight outside my window and some chick was screaming - and that doesn't include the party noises. I had put my ear plugs in but even those didn't help!

I walked through Cabbagetown which is an old area of Toronto where Eastern Europeans lived...they cooked a lot of Cabbage hence the name.....walked to the Riverdale farm which was free and looked at pigs and horsies, etc. Then into the Necropolis, an old cemetery which was lovely - like a park. Then over the viaduct onto Riverdale Drive where I stopped for an iced Americano and a brownie. The iced Americano...well once was enough...the brownie was divine. It had salt on the top of all things which sounds gross but with the sweetness (it was one of those very very moist brownies) On to the Danforth for the taste of the Danforth festival. Very crowded - did have a small spinach pie. The festival goes on for blocks and blocks - I finally gave up as after a while it is all the same. I was wishing I hadn't had the brownie as wasn't that hungry but I can't turn a brownie down - and that one was worth it.

Then grabbed the subway back here and rested for a bit. The owner of the B and B took me over to the place I will be staying as of tomorrow night. I have my own bathroom and it's more expensive - $79 instead of 55. He is subsidizing me for Tues. night as all they have is a double for 99. So have to move twice more. Oh well. No brekky included either but coffee shops suit me well plus want to try a couple of diners. Luckily I am pretty flexible so no sense making a fuss. I am happy he was able to make arrangements for me and the new place looks lovely. I will post the link here if I can find it on line.

Going to head off in a few minutes and might try Mother India on Queen St. West as they have a butter chicken roti that is to die for apparently. I got myself a day pass for the transit so off I go until it turns dark.