Hello from hot humid Toronto

Now that's what you call breakfast!
Whoa mama it's hot here. I wandered around today and didn't get much accomplished at all. But first I must say it was another hot hot concert last night. Wow. Three hours of rock and roll and at age 68 he has way more energy than me ten years younger. Awesome as always. Near the end of the show he brought up a young woman who had a sign saying could you sign my arm and I won't put it on Ebay (he had made jokes about it earlier) and she was from Saskatchewan and Paul announced it and pronounced it right. I was very impressed as some people in this country can't get it right. I shrieked and hollered of course. :) Anyway well worth the trip out here for it and I'd do it again and again. As long as he's touring I will keep going to his concerts. It's fun and it makes me feel 12 years old again and if people don't like it well they can just go someplace really really warm!!! (how's that for being polite!)

Today I had a huge brekky at Fran's Place - sat outside and it was bliss. I tried to finish a huge plate of scrambled eggs, maple infused sausages, beans, sweet potatoe fries and toast. I enjoyed it immensely and while I was eating "Baker Street" came on the store's stereo system- one of my fave songs ever even if it isn't exactly pro-London - came on and I thought "this is wonderful- this is one of those moments in my life that is pure happiness". I couldn't think of anywhere I would rather be at that point in time and thought how lucky I am to be able to do things like this. Simple things like sitting in a coffee shop with a good song playing...just little things in life.

I took the streetcar west on King to Mountain Equipment Co-op but didnt' buy anything - am too damn fat. Well we won't go there. Anyhoo I also looked at backpacks being as my travel backpack's zipper broke while I was packing up last Thursday night and picked one out but will order it on line so I don't have to haul it home. I wandered around looking at things so at least I know what they look like so can order on line.

Off to St. Lawrence Market but it was noon and too crowded so walked around trying to find Bath and Body Works. Oh man. My dogs are still barking big time - I knew it was somewhere on King. Anyway after loads of wandering around I found it and restrained myself as I have to haul it back on the plane which itself is't a problem - it's getting to the airport on the subway/bus.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring....if it's hot like this can't see walking much. I want to check out the market at Toronto city Hall and buy some good Montreal style bagels. Maybe check out the lake front again.

Tonight I am meeting my niece and her boyfriend for a meal (Indian food) on Bloor so looking forward to that.

Oh I got moved into the double room - very nice and the air conditioning is a much bigger better unit. It was bliss walking in here.