Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi Toronto

My first Bed and Breakfast

Just arrived here less than two hours ago. Was a cheapskate and took the bus/subway here - hey $3 as opposed to $20. That pays for dinner!

Luckily I had my cell phone with me as there was no one here so phoned and he told me he left the key in the mailbox and the key in the lock of my room. My room is huge and nice and the bathroom down the hall is nice too. I have the air conditioner going full blast right now so it will be nice and cool when Iget back.

There is a computer here so no need to bring the netbook but oh well....a nice little kitchen area where we have breakfast and a sitting area. I have a good sized tV in my room - not that I plan to use it. Monteith St is just a little side street - very quaint and quiet. There is a park next door so I plan to check it out next as am on my way out.

The flight here was good - sat with a lady going to stay in a house in France for three weeks with her family. She is doing carry on and man that is the way to go. I should have done that but oh suitcase arrived.

Off to explore the Village area of Toronto - should be interesting!!!

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