Friday, August 20, 2010

Home again

I didn't get a chance to update during the last part of my trip to Toronto. It was too hot to do much walking but I wandered around downtown and the St. Lawrence Market. I really do like Toronto a lot - next time I go I would prefer the Spring or Fall. Loads of walks to do there in areas I'd never even heard of before. There is so much more to Toronto than the "Skydome" and the CN Tower.

I was able to see my niece and her boyfriend - had a wonderful Indian meal with them and then went back to their place and sat on the balcony and had half a beer...yep me drinking a beer other than Corona...and it wasn't bad either.

The double room at the Victoria Mansions B & B was quite nice. I loved the area as it was close to the subway, Yonge street and lots of restaurants. I don't have a problem with gay people - love is love. You are just damn lucky when you find it. I am glad there is a place they can relax and be themselves - life is not easy for them but thank goodness it's easier than it used to be.

I had a wonderful last meal at a restaurant (California Cafe) near the B & B on Church St. I sat outside and enjoyed acorn squash stuffed ravioli (well it had a fancier name but it was ravioli) with peppers & onions smothered in a pesto cream asparagus sauce. Oh yum, I am drooling just thinking about it. And creme brulee for dessert....sigh...I resisted a glass of wine as I wanted my wits about me for the trip out to the airport.

In the end I decided I couldn't face going to the airport on the subway in rush hour traffic and the heat so took the airport there in plenty of time and then the flight was delayed by two hours due to mechanical problems with the aircraft. We had to take another plane.

So here I am back again - to my summer of hell. Oh well Lethbridge in two weeks and off to the Yukon (Whitehorse) in five weeks. Yeah I know it's a tough old life...

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