I'M GOING TO NEPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M GOING TO NEPAL, I'M GOING TO NEPAL!!!! Plans are changed and Vietnam has been shelved. I asked myself if this was your last trip to somewhere new in the world where would you go and my heart said NEPAL NEPAL NEPAL!!! So I listened to my heart.....am so damn excited I can hardly stand it.

I go via London leaving December 8th - fly Qatar airways via Doha (yep never heard of it either) on the 17th of December and start my tour December 19th. Well actually nothing actually happens that day but everyone gathers there. Decided to get there a day ahead for a change instead of being the last one in. I fly back to London January 2nd and will be there until the 13th when it's back to cold Saskatchewan. Love to stay longer but my head says NO...sometimes I have to listen to my head sadly..and my bank account!!

No beach holiday this year but that's okay...Mount Everest will do......yippee skippy!!!!

Here is a link to my tour...


Doesn't it sound awesome? It is not a trekking tour - the only one that's NOT. I am not into camping thank you very much nor sleeping on a hard bed in a lodge...and I am sure people do NOT want to hear my snoring. I would probably get tossed off the side of a mountain or left behind. Plus my knees would not like it. I will do day hikes and at least can relax in a proper bed at night.

And being in London is not offensive to me either...woo hoo. New undies at M & S, up to date Corrie, prawn sandwiches and galaxy bars - life just doesn't get much better than that!!! And maybe I will finally get to see "Billy Elliot"!!

Vietnam is still on the list but it can wait a couple of years. If I don't get there I will live but I would be darn sad to have never made it to Nepal after years of dreaming about it.

I'M GOING TO NEPAL!!! :) :) :)