Another fabulous Macca concert....Mull of Kintyre was stupendous but it was all fantastic. Despite being surrounded by assholes (again!) I enjoyed it. Michael Buble, whoever he is when he's at home was right by me and girls were wetting their pants to get a picture of him. I have no clue I've heard of him and he gives a concert at the AC Centre on Tuesday night. I think he's French (barf). Anyway could not get over Paul's energy level.....:) It was such a good concert as always. So many around me were up and down to get beer and it got really annoying after a while. I can't stand it when people go to a concert just to say they've seen someone or just because their friends are doing it - are you that desparate for a life people?

This morning I walked through High Park and then did the waterfront trail to the Humber Bridge - an area I've never been before. For breakfast I had a sad bagel at my B & B. Once I came back and moved my luggage to here I went for brunch. It was great - went to a place called the Church St. Diner and had eggs benedict. Yum. The art on the wall shocked me a bit to way the least and my eyes kept wandering to it. How can I put this delicately - it was pictures of dolls and let's say Barbie and another Barbie were having a good time as were two Kens. Yowie. I knew I wasn't in Saskatchewan anymore!! :)

This B & B is okay - the room is pretty small and while there is air it is weak and it can't be put up any higher or we will blow the whole power system according to the note. No breakfast but oh well - I do have my own bathroom and it's very nice.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring - gotta connect with my buds - I think we are doing the Beaches area before a repeat of tonight tomorrow night. It's gonna be good.

I was on the side and enjoyed it. I took some video, kept cringing every time a security person went by - force of habit!!! But they didn't give a rats - now if I'd had my SLR that would be a different story I am sure.