Blue Skys in Whitehorse

Of course blue sky today and I am leaving. Oh well what can you do. Next time I will come in better weather hopefully and rent a vehicle and see more around Whitehorse. Well AFTER I do the sled dog thing that is.

It's been a good trip and have enjoyed it. Slippery underfoot this morning when I walked downtown to get breakfast. A dusting of snow overnight.

Will be taking the bus to the airport because I am cheap. I really hate taking taxis - don't ask me why. It's just not the money - most taxi drivers creep me out. Trust me I am not a person who is afraid of many things and I am not a germ phobic of any kind but just prefer NOT to take taxis. I've had bad experiences with taxi drivers ripping me off and I don't trust them generally. Although there are always the exceptions.

Having problems with internet explorer on my netbook - can't answer emails or get on Facebook and it's not the pop up blocker and on Google Chrome I can't figure out how to allow pop ups so haven't been answering emails - it won't even let me send emails. I hate SaskTel webmail for that.

Anyway will post pictures on here soon - had hoped to do it on the road but it doesn't seem to be working so have to practice on pictures I KNOW are backed up as I want to be able to post pictures when I am in Nepal.