Busy day

Well here I am back at the hostel after a very busy but fun day. Woke up to more snow coming down but it did stop. I had breakfast at a place called The Baked Cafe - had coffee and a breakfast panini which was egg, cheese and ham. Very good. At 10 I headed over to the MacBride museum where the walk box was. Sue, the cs mgr there was very friendly - gave her my box of chocolates for the staff. After clearing up stuff in the walk box I stamped my books and headed off. It was slow going in town as I stopped to take photos of the many beautiful murals in town, the log cabin "skyscraper", log church, etc. Walked by the SS Klondike, an old river boat used until 1955 and now a Heritage site. Walked over a bridge to the other side of the Yukon river and walked along the Millenium trail to the fish ladder. Unfortunately it is now closed so everything is blocked off and couldn't see a thing. I did get a glimpse of Schutka lake. Then off on another trail through the Riverdale area of town, almost got misplaced due to snow and not being able to see when the trail broke off but all ended well. I got back to the musuem in time to have a good visit. It is really an interesting display of Yukon history including Sam McGee's cabin and of course the Gold Rush. I wandered around a bit afterwards and picked up a few bits and pieces. Then had dinner at Antionette's - a place Frank had recommended. It wasn't cheap but very good...I had chicken breast in phyllo pastry followed by a decandant flourless dark chocolate cake with chocolate rum sauce. Very good! Waddled back to the hostel and here I sit. One of the girls from Muktuk is here on a day off so we had a good chat - I helped her feed the dogs yesterday. Small world!!

The rain has held off which is good - an overcast dull day today but I did get some interesting photos.

Meeting all sorts of interesting people - everyone here is so friendly and positive. I can already say Whitehorse is my favourite northern destination....despite the bad weather and not seeing it in it's best light I love it.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring...will see when I get up...