Friday, September 24, 2010

Doggies galore

Taking a warm up break - snowing today very gently. Am loving this....the dogs are great and love having cuddles. Letting my cameras warm up - my Nikon was doing strange things so hope it's the cold.

Frank Turner, the owner of the kennels has been in the Yukon Quest 24 times and won in 1995 He is so interesting and has lots of good stories to tell. All his dogs are very much loved and every name has an interesting story behind it. Next up is a walk to the river with the dogs (not all 130 I don't think!) which should be great. I am cozy and warm in the lodge. What a fantastic experience this has been...already thinking of coming back some winter and practice sessions today unfortunately. I could be wrong on this but I have a feeling Whitehorse could become my favourite northern haunt.

Had some wonderful bread this morning from a bakery downtown - maybe I can grab me some before I head off on Tuesday...yeah right Laurie.

Sounds like some great restaurants in town so can't wait!!!!

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