I am in doggie land!

It is so awesome - 130 dogs. So I definitely got my doggie fix this afternoon. Love it. Some were friendly and jumping and others just wanted some loving which I was glad to give. The flights were good and I only waited a bit and Frank picked me up. He is the musher who runs this operation - Muktuk. I am staying in the lodge tonight. Very nice but it is "off the grid" so no shower tomorrow as they want you to limit useage. But hey I am with lots of dogs. I walked down to the river which was beautiful. It's dull and overcast but not too cold - snow for tonight. So I spent as much time outside as I could as who knows what tomorrow will bring Well I am a "Rookie for a day" tomorrow which includes a river walk not sure if the dogs are going out for a training run or not as it's very mucky here.
So beautiful with mountains in the distance - snow capped of course. And the fall colours. I can only imagine what it would be like on a good weather day - amazing.
Was just out when they were feeding the dogs - they were going crazy. You would definitely need to be a dog lover to stay here!
Dinner will be coming up in a half hour or so so guess I should get changed.


Dena said…
I hope you get snow and can go mushing, just something I thought I'd always like to do!