Sunday, September 12, 2010

One last medal

I did the Queen City Half Marathon walk today...first half marathon I've done in three and a half years. Back in the day (2003 to 2007) I did 13 of them. Guess I should have stuck to unlucky 13 as this one was ugly. Of course didn't help that I wasn't trained up properly but I had my worst time ever - over 4 hours which is way worse than I anticipated and the absolute worst ever by a long shot. I had hoped for 3:52 - still a personal worst but better than over 4 hours. It was long and ugly as my foot with the bunion and arthritic big toe decided to act up about km 6 (it was 21 km) and was swollen and so it was a struggle. I was in tears a couple of times when the pain was really bad but I refused to give up. I got asked by course marshalls if I was all right as I hobbled by and I said yes and carried on. As if that wasn't enough my bladder decided to join the party and I had to use the porta potty three times - another "record" for me. I probably lost a good five minutes at least on that.

The weather was beautiful and it was a perfect day for a walk....just not for me today. Nobody's fault but my own for not training enough - not that I didn't try but I had to cut training short due to dizziness, foot pain - take your pick. I guess I should have clued into that and not thought that somehow a miracle was going to happen on race day.

It was lonely out there as I had no one to walk with - everyone was faster than me except some way way back... out of 350 walkers I was about number humiliating. Me, who is on the Board of Directors of a walking club! So I just want to say thanks to John, Paul, George, Ringo, Mick & the boys, Gerry R, Neil D, the Wilson boys & Mike Love and more....MP3 players do have their uses. I needed something to keep me going and they did it for me - and I dedicate my medal to them!!! :)

But I guess I walked 21 km more than a lot of people today and I am grateful that I am able to do it when so many can't.

And I've got a great big honkin' medal!!!

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