Friday, September 24, 2010

Sled dogs howling

yep they are really going at it as it's time for breakfast. Shortly I will be out there helping to feed them. It's been quite the experience. I got all slobbered over and jumped on, luckily they give you clothes to wear. Mine were quite exquisite - a plaid jacket, huge black ski pants and to complete my ensemble animal print wellies!! Oh I do look a sight but no way could you wear your normal clothes without having to wash them right away. It's mucky out there.
So mucky that they can't do their training run today - I am cursed! Oh well I still get to go for a walk with them down to the river (which I did on my own yesterday)
They were noisy last night so not much sleep but how many times do you get to stay with sled dogs so I am not complaining at all.
Last night had a huge meal....arctic char, elk steak & bison sausage with carrots, baked potato and salad. It was HUGE - of coures I paid a huge price too but it was worth it for the experience.
Oh think they are going to feed the dogs now - activity in the lodge here so I'd better end this for the howling is really something now!!!

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