Friday, September 24, 2010


Yes it is snowing here - way too early. Even the natives aren't happy as it normally doesn't snow until late October. Of course it will melt but that doesn't help me - rain forecast for tomorrow and the rest of my stay here. Oh goodie...and I get to walk 11 km in it tomorrow. I may do a bit and do the rest on Sunday/Monday we shall see how I feel. I had such hopes of doing lots of hiking here and now it looks like indoor activities. Oh well what can you do.

I cried when I left Muktuk kennels - I loved it there and plan to go back in 18 months to do some mushing. I hope my Sweety, Destiny, Mischief, Shelby & Talitha are still there. Poor old Lady (15 years old) and Terror will have gone to the big sled race in the sky. I loved it there and got so many doggie kisses - it was great! Today Frank and I walked down to the Takhini river with the dogs and it was amazing - they were so happy to be free and raced all over the place. Frank took some photos of me with the dogs and they turned out pretty well.

Now I am at the Beez Kneez hostel - it is pretty good and the price is right. One part of me wishes I had spent more and stayed at a hotel so I could be watching TV curled up in bed right now but oh well here I sit in the living room listening to the Eagles. No TV on the premises which is a good thing really. So far it seems I am the only female - all young guys so I feel pretty ancient.

Just had my supper at the High Country Inn pub/bar - veggie panini with sweet potato fries...and water....just wasn't in the mood to have a drink. I have the restaurants I want to visit in mind so at least I will eat well while I am here.

I just wish the damn snow would stop.....

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