Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's that yellow thing in the sky?

Yep the sun finally came out today...well for a few hours anyway. It's disappeared behind loads of clouds now but while it was out it was wonderful. I went to the Baked Cafe again this morning and had a cheese and ham croissant warmed up and a big cup of coffee...yum. Then I headed out on the TransCanada trail in a different direction than last time. I walked for about an hour along the Yukon River until the trail came to an abrupt stop with a sign saying "contaminated area". Hmmm.....So I turned around and walked back along the trail for a bit. Did a detour over to Superstore and ahem..took care of business...and then carried on along 4th Avenue which is the main drag through downtown. I visited the Pioneer Cemetery and walked through a cute little neighbourhood park and got some good views of the hills/mountains. My cameras were very busy.

I was starting to get a bit peckish so stopped at a hotel restaurant and had some Rye toast with peanut butter and headed off again this time in the opposite direction past the SS Klondike (paddlewheeler now retired and on land) and along the river. If I had carried on for another two hours one way I could have gone to Miles Canyon but I knew my bladder, my foot and my knees would not like it one little bit. So I went as far as the Welcome to Whitehorse sign and turned around and came back.

Popped into the wonderful Whitehorse library where I am now - can you believe they are open 1 to 9 on Sundays? I may come back here after I have my supper.

No busses running today but tomorrow I hope to take a bus to the Berengia Centre for a couple of hours as well as another bus around to see more of the city.

In fact I plan to take the bus to the airport on Tuesday. The hostel is strange as check up time is 10 a.m. and you have to leave - you cannot store your luggage nor stay until your bus/plane leaves. So I will cross the street and get the bus to the airport and hang out there for a while I guess. Needless to say it's not a very big airport.

I am dying to try a place called "The Chocolate Claim" which is a bakery/coffee shop. I am thinking lunch tomorrow and breakfast Tuesday morning when they bake...sourdough cinammon buns!!!! Oh my!!!

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