Reflections on Whitehorse....

Well here it is nearly a month later and I realize I didn't finish blogging about my trip to Whitehorse. What a wonderful place. Somehow it didn't seem "north" to me...I guess because I've been north of the Arctic Circle and to Iqaluit it just seemed like northern B.C. to me and not the north. It was strange as I don't recall seeing many aboriginals either...hmm.....anyway I still loved that place and do plan to go back at least once - probably one summer and one winter holiday. Gotta go back and see my Sweetie, Mischief, Destiny and Shelby.....and see Miles Canyon and the Wildlife Park...BETTER WEATHER.

The last morning I ended up going to the Baked Cafe for another ham, cheese and egg panini as the Chocolate Claim did not have their sourdough cinammon buns ready yet and they weren't going to be ready for a half hour...anyway I had my breakfast and back to the hostel for a chat with the others. A lady who was heading up to Haines Junction gave me a ride to the airport - she got "misplaced" so got a bit of a tour of the outskirts of Whitehorse and a closer view of the nearby mountains. Of course it was fairly sunny as I was leaving! The mgr of the hostel said I could walk around the back of the runway and look over the city but when I took a look at the length I would have to walk and the time before my flight I decided..maybe not!! I did not realize that there were stairs up the hill behind the hostel to the back of the airport...the very fit Swiss 'round the world' couple were planning to walk to the airport....not me!!!

Enjoyed the hostel and would definitely stay there again..a bit rough around the edges perhaps but it beats the hotel prices and has the bonus of meeting people from all over. While I was there there was the Swiss couple taking a one year trip around the world (next stop Vancouver then on to Peru and the rest of South America, India, SE Asia..), a couple of fellas from Germany getting ready to go hiking in Kluane park and a fellow from Tasmania who had taken the hound up from Vancouver. As well as some Canadians. And a mixed breed dog named Angus!

Next time perhaps I can zip over to Juneau so I can walk the capital of Alaska - for that I have to go in the high season. Which means probably a trip up on the hound unless I get really flush with my air miles. No plans to visit the rest until perhaps the AVA (American walking club) NW Conference in..wait for it...2018....I shudder to think what age I will be then.....

Now I am getting revved up for my next adventure....I fly to London on December 8th then on to Nepal on Dec. 17th. I cannot wait. My brand new (three hours..) duffle bag is sitting open and I've already thrown some things in. I am not a list maker and never have been - and have only forgotten anything major once. Film when I was going to Kenya in 1982 and that was because I changed carry ons at the last minute and the lead bag was tucked in a corner. That problem was expensive (film in London is not cheap) but solveable...anyway I keep being told to make lists and I keep NOT making them!!!

Making all sorts of plans for London like the Nutcracker with my friend Judi, the Messiah, a candlelit Christmas carol concert in St. Martins in the Fields. And more!!!