Back from the jungle

Well we just arrived back in Kathmandu about a half hour ago. The rest of the group are doing a walking tour but I've already done it so am relaxing until we go out for dinner at 7 tonight. A nice hot (I hope) shower is next on the agenda after I've used up my hour of surfing time.

We had a great time in Chitwan - we got to go on three elephant rides which were so much fun. They ranged from an hour and a half to two and a half hours. The one yesterday aft. was the longest as the driver wanted to find us a bear but no luck. We dove through dense jungle - vines were ripping through my shoes but when you are on an elephant you win! At one point we went almost straight down into a creek vertically - I felt like I was going to fall forwards off the elephant!! I nearly crossed myself when I saw what we were going to do...and you know how I feel about THAT!!! We got to see a rhino with her baby and it stood there for a few minutes - amazing. Also barking deer (yes they bark just like a dog - heard them in the night which probably means a tiger/leopard was around) as well as others, monkeys and more...lots of birds. Had a canoe trip, a nature walk, a jeep ride and a jungle walk. I must confess I found the walking a bit hard as it was on rocks and up and down and my left leg is bad right now. Limp, limp. Oh well, all worth it.

We stayed in four plex units but no electricity as it was right in the park and they don't allow it. We had a generator a few hours a day which lit up a small light in the bathroom and that was it., But could handle that for three nights...longer...well...I do like my creature comforts....

It was so amazing to be in the jungle again wandering out of your room after 11 pm or before 6 am as there were critters wandering around that could eat you. On our walk we found tiger tracks just a few yards from our lodge. But all amazing.

We did a canoe trip with a walk back but there were kids along so we had to hurry as it was too dangerous. Why the hell would anyone take small children (as in two years old) on something like that....luckily they were on another canoe as the one kid was singing Frosty the are supposed to be quiet as not to frighten the animals off. We were all glad to see the back of them.

Our tour leader is wonderful - so knowledgeable and he was a guide in Chitwan way back so knows his stuff. He has a degree in geology so not sure how he got into this field. He has the most amazing smile I've ever seen in my just makes your skip a beat it does....:)

Lots of traffic coming back...the trucks are something else...they have stuff painted on them like "too busy for love" "hi girls, do you love me" & "drive slow, live long". Traffic is crazy but we had a wonderful driver.

Tomorrow morning it's Mt Everest flight and then I am going to take the Stupa and Cremation tour again - I just have to pay my admissions but it was so interesting....and what else would I do....oh yeah shop...


-pat- said…
Sounds so awesome can not wait to see the photos and riding an elephant wow
Laurie said…
Yeah three times did not expect was so much fun and I now love elephants even more...they are so amazing and smart. The baby was so cute.