Cold out there tonight although not as cold as home!!! I had briefly considered a ghost walk tonight then reconsidered and thought "nah!". I popped into the internet cafe before my dinner which I plan to have at Charlie's Pizza here in Golders Green. I researched on the web and it gets good reviews (how about double checking that for me Dena?) and I am in the mood for Italian so here goes. I plan to take my time and relax with a glass of vino as well. No Corrie tonight although Inspector Frost is on at 8 p.m.....I try to balance nights out with at least one night in. I love this area and my B & B but once I'm up here I really don't want to be bothered going back down to central London again. So I try to plan ahead.

Tomorrow evening I may go to a Christmas concert (free) at St. Paul's cathedral. Depends on how things go.

The Nutcracker last night was wonderful - as always. I think Waltz of the Flowers is the most beautiful piece of music ever sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. I never get tired of that ballet. I will have a few ballets under my belt by the time my time in London is finished next month.

My friend Judi came up to London yesterday and stayed overnight so we went around looking at Christmas lights yesterday & checked out Harrods, Covent Garden and Fortnum and Mason today. Last night we had dinner at Mildreds, a vegetarian restaurant. I had an excellent meal which was the daily special - mushroom wellington with spicy red cabbage and roasted root vegetables. I would have it again in a heartbeat.

Tomorrow is laundry day..unless I get ambitious tonight. Somehow I doubt it....if you hear screeching coming from the east it's just me freaking out over the cost. It was ten pounds to do two loads two years ago so probably up to at least twelve now.

I have to double check the weather forecast - I think snow is hiss!!! I don't care as much about the snow as the disruption it will cause here. They are just not prepared for any kind of snowfall - everything comes to a standstill. It's Friday that concerns me as that is the day I fly to Nepal. (I still can't believe I am going!!!)

Wifi at Simon's is still erratic but have been using my netbook to upload pictures and then also put them on a flash memory. I have tried putting pictures on my blog but the wifi is either too slow or crashes on me. Very frustrating. Rest assured there will be pictures eventually. Now that my friend Pat told me how to put them throughout the blog I can now make it a bit nicer looking - I hope!!!

Tomorrow is my last day to catch any of the Christmas action here in London although I think I've done pretty well. After reading the "must do" list I have pretty well covered what I want to see.



Dena said…
As in Chaplin! Only awesome review's for Charlie's Pizza and also sounds like a lot of fun, not to mention the "reasonably priced" wine! Decisions, decisions, how about one of everything. Would make for good pictures.

You certainly get around. Ballet sounds wonderful.

Safe trip to Nepal and hopefully snow will hold up till you takeoff.

Gotta run & google a walk down Golders Green Road, see what I've been missing, ciao! and thanks for the tour.
Dena said…
Nice walk!

The building that Charlie's is in looks amazing. There was a "to let" sign in that block too. Just love the architecture. The New Balti Tandoori restaurant is reviewed as having the best samosas in London! but was the only review I could find. Wonder what the rent rate is there? Of course I mean for the flats that have a walkout terrace on the roof of Charlie's!
Looks like a nice neighbourhood (pictures taken in the summer on a sunny day)!
Laurie said…
I had pasta there last night - it was pretty good but think I will try the pizza last time. The wine was good!! :) I have been to the Indian place and it's good. So little time - so much food to eat!! Tonight I had fish and chips at the Fryers Delight which is supposed to be one of the best places for fish and chips in London - it was good except for the skin on the fish - that always grosses me out so had to pick it off.