Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chocolate galore

It's been a busy day. Didn't have the big breakfast this morning as knew I'd be 'grazing' all day long - and I did!!!

By the way I am in the internet cafe with a normal computer - the wi fi at the B & B is just too undependable - Simon just changed service providers so is looking into it. I love this internet cafe anyway - it's nice and warm and clean and new and can get whatever I want to eat. (not that I've ever done that but nice to know the option is there) I hung out here two years ago...but hopefully can use my netbook as it's more convenient. However this is much more relaxing as I don't have to worry about the Internet crashing - trust me yesterday's post was much longer and more descriptive but it went down on me and had to retype everything.

Anyway took the tube to Tower Hill and started walking from there across Tower Bridge. (Today was a dull day with a bit of blue sky at one point but by 4 p.m. it was nearly pitch black outside!) I walked along the Thames Path and stopped at Borough Market - I love that place. It is a food market that is on Thursday to Saturday and is by London Bridge. I got a brownie - it is THE BEST BROWNIE I HAVE EVER TASTED - awesome! I had one last time so finally found the stand - also got a portugese tart. Half the brownie is history and the other half will be too when I get back to my room and brew up a cup of tea. I also got a bit of some wonderful cheese that should be just fine by my window which is a fairly cold area. I will definitely go back before I go back home...they had some awesome spices I'd love to get but depends on what I buy in Nepal...

I carried on along the South bank of the Thames for about an hour and came to the German market but it was absolutely packed. It was all right but not something I'd search out next time - I've been to a REAL one and there is no comparison. I finally found the chocolate festival. Luckily I had resisted other temptations so was able to have a belgian milk chocolate and banana crepe - oh my....thank goodness I had some wet wipes with me as I think I was wearing as much chocolate on my face as I got inside my gob. Oh yummy!!! And yes Dena, I took a photo. People must think I am a whack job as I've taken a picture of everything I've eaten...even the "to die for" brownie.

On I walked, across the river from the Houses of Parliament and Big far as Vauxhall Bridge then over and back on the other side of the Thames. The area by Westminster is a mess thanks to those yobs. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the students protesting - that rate increase is ridiculous but the violence was crazy. I took the tube and was going to stop on Oxford St. - did get off the tube, saw the mob and got back on going the other way and back here. Just too tired to handle the crowds. One thing I DON'T like about London...all the damn tourists!!! :)

Back here to Golders Green and just had a mushroom and cheese Jacket (baked) potato with salad in a "mom and pop" type place just down the road from here. Best baked potato I've had in my life I must say....was just in the mood for something like that.

I am bummed out that I am not up to doing the Hampstead Pub walk tonight but my feet are not in good shape so I think a quiet evening in is in order. I hope there is something decent on TV tonight - I should work on my trip journal anyway. (haven't touched it since Regina aiport) There are things I don't share on here!!! :)

Tomorrow night is the Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall but before that...who knows...but it won't be a 10km walk. I think I need a break from those!!!

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