Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy place

Well I read Kathmandu (drop the h to pronounce it) was a crazy place and it surely is. By the way I am typing this by the pool..yeah it's a tough life. I am struggling to read the screen though so excuse any typos - that damn sun - well what can shine through the pollution. Although not too bad today as the sky is fairly blue

I walked into Thamel this moring and walking around for about an hour....WOW. I am still adjusting to the third world country thing....culture shock. Yeah I've been places like this before but it always takes me aback at first. Thamel is the shopping/tourist hub with narrow roads crammed with shops on either side and motocycles, cars and bikes racing down the street. Luckily mostly one way...lots of horns blaring which I can hear from here now. I kept track of where I was as didn't want to get lost. checkedf out on shop and said I'd be back (uh huh..) but did not buy anything as too early and too overwhelming but I did get an idea of what I want. Definitely a wall hanging.

Came to a square where people were selling vegetables and it had a temple in the middle - no clue where. At that point I turned around and made my way back - two little girls wanted to pose for a picture for me to see it on the screen and no money changed hands - how refreshing. I have heard the Nepalese have more pride than the Indians although I did some one beggar. it breaks my heart to see that - also saw a little dog obviously dying on the side of the road. I said I am sorry sweetheart but of course could not touch.... Coming back I used the other side of the street so woudl not see the dog and big mistake - had to cross over the street which was a nightmare and probably took a year off my life. Hopefully the year where I am in the dementia unit at the nursing home!

Well this is a crazy place for sure and I have already used my puffer once and will do it again as I find the fumes do bother me.

I feel like I should be out there exploring and my friends who think I am so brave...ha ha. Wel I do't think it's fear at all but the noise and having to have eyes in the back of your head...I will be braving Thamel again to do some shopping but hopefully not on my own. I hope there are some friendly people on this tour - there usually are. Just hope there are some single people or at least couples who aren't tied at the hip - that is such a drag.

Once I get into the country it will be much calmer and can't wait to see the mountains. You can see them from here thrugh the haze but not the same as Iwill see them...she says hopefully. I have gotten internet access for a day so will be one again later.

The sun is really bright and hard to read my screen on the netbook - yeah I know everyone realy feelks sorry for me...

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