Sunday, December 12, 2010

East End

Yes I am in an Internet cafe - didn't realize it was one but needed a warm coffee and a loo so get 30 minutes free with the coffee.

It is market day today so have checked out Petticoat Lane (first time in 22 trips - didn't miss much but it was fun...however am going out tonight so can't be buying much) and on to Brick Lane markets which were awesome - heading back there now. I did get a pair of Beatles earrings that are too cute. I do love my funky earrings! I have my eye on a t-shirt and some coasters with beautiful original photographs of London and everything really that I will be back for in January.

Then on to the Columbia Flower market which was crowded (as everywhere is) but did get some shots - everyone is buying Christmas trees of course. I walked back through a housing estate so that was interesting.

It's a clear day today but coming in here to warm up was a good idea. I had a bagel and cream cheese (had a small brekky at Simon's) at the Beigel Bake on Brick Lane which was good.

I will wander around a bit more and hopefully work up an appetite for one of the delicious meals on offer at the market. Otherwise will time my next visit for the afternoon as I guess the market is open until 6. I will definitely be back!!!

Tonight it's off to the Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall so am dressed in my finest which ain't much believe me - but it looks like I packed right and will be wearing everything I brought.


Dena said...

Brick Lane also known as "Curry Lane"--did we indulge?--maybe on return trip? From what I've read and I quote "Brick Lane is home to one of the freshest bakeries around town and apparently this place has proper street cred, especially for the three am crowd. Mmm, smell the hot salt beef.", you have hit a great place. and so I taste all around blogworld!

Can't wait for tomorrow's post. Keep Warm.

Laurie said...

Yep I had a bagel at the Beigel Bake...real bagels - not the bready doughy ones you get in a card for 25% off a meal and a free bottle of wine at Cinnamon so will go there in January. Let me know what it's like Dena!!! Any reviews? there is also a store there where Jamie Oliver shops for his ethnic spices and supplies...I got curry there last time. Definitely a return trip in January one evening!!!

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