Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Less than an hour to go until it's 2011 here in Kathmandu. We went to a place called Kilroy's run by an Irish chef. Had a drink called no rickshaw, no problem....made from liquer and different juices. Very good. Had chicken and then bread pudding for dessert which they are known for - pretty good. We walked there and back as only a ten minute walk if that but insane....crossing a busy street to get there was scary scary but Su led the way. Coming back the road wasn't as bad but the sidewalks were nuts with guys on motorcycles, etc. What a horrid city it is.....I love cities but not this one. I can't see any charm to it at all....

Up at 6 a.m. for our Everest flight at 7:30...apparently we can't take extra camera batteries in our hand luggage...have you ever heard of anything so insane? No prob tomorrow as the ones in my cameras are fully charged but's the airport policy and won't be able to have them in my hand luggage to fly to London either. Qatar better not lose my suitcase!!

Nice to have the mod cons here although the generator keeps going off and I lose my internet connection....they do power shredding here due to not having enough power for the country. I think it's 9 pm to midnight but it changes. Larger hotels and businesses have their own generator. I better find my flashlight - didn't think I'd need it after the jungle....wrong wrong!!

Happy New Year

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