Hello from London town

I made it! The flights over were good - I had both seats to myself from Minneapolis to London as the plane wasn't near full. Meal was good and all was well. NO CHILDREN ON THE FLIGHT AT ALL - YAHOO!!!!!! I treated myself to Southwestern eggrolls at Chilis at the Minneapolis airport and got a chardonnay. What a big honker - wow I was feeling no pain wandering around the airport. Not a good thing to be drunk when you are traveling...but I still have to do it now and again.

Line up at passport control at Heathrow but it was going okay until all but two of the officers on each side disappeared on lunch or whatever we barely moved for half an hour. Was not impressed - finally a fellow yelled out "we haven't moved in half an hour" to a supervisor looking chap and soon we were back to five. I got through ten minutes later and needless to say my luggage was waiting for me. Took the tube here and stopped off at a sandwich shop at the tube station and got my prawn sandwich. And just had a cup of tea and a Galaxy bar - waiting for the live version of Corrie to come on. Ah, life is good! It is so nice to be back in my little room at Simon's. I just hope the damn wifi holds out - it's been sporadic. Minneapolis airport doesn't even have free Wifi - guess thet are getting it though which is about time. Even Regina airport has it!

Hope to do a walk from Westminster to Tower of London tomorrow - we shall see. No snow here in London so I can walk without fear of falling in ice - I've been walking like an old lady for the past month or so.

Am fighting to stay awake until Coronation Street is over and then I will zonk...so no sparkling conversation from me tonight.

Nice English brekky tomorrow morning. So thrilled to be back in my favourite place in the world...and I fly to Nepal a week from tomorrow. Screech!!!

Toodle oo!! (how DO you spell that?)


Dena said…
Been waiting to hear you made it safely and with no snow! that's a bonus. Tasted the prawn sand with you too, go for it, I'm hungry! for your news too!