High in the clouds...

In Pokhara now - beautiful lake surrounded by the Annapurna Range. Amazing! These mountains make the Rockies look like babies! Wewalked up to the Peace pagoda yesterday which had a good view - unfortunately it was cloudy so some of the mountains were hidden. We are talking blue sky and fluffy clouds but when the mountaisn are so high you need a cloudless day!!! We won't talk about the walk up and back but I had lots of help.

Free day today and the others are walking on another ridge but I am going to do some postcards hopefully and then walk around the lake when the light is better for photography.

We took a boat over to a temple in the middle of the lake which was nice and peaceful...our "driver" had been into the booze I discovered but oh well he got us back safe and sound. For a while there we were wondering as we were barely moving - Anna thought he was going to rob us and I thought he was too damn drunk to row properly!! :) But all turned out well in the end.

We have had trouble finding a nice place to eat here though - the food ranges from so so to disgusting. We were spoiled by the nice lodge food. Oh well back to it for a few days tomorrow....off to the jungle for three nights so no electricity and no wifi but no probs. Hopefully we will get t osee an elephant race on the way...how cool is that?