Monday, December 13, 2010

I did it again

Well didn't get kicked out of a bank but nearly walked out of the ladies toilet in the Royal Albert Hall last night with toilet paper sticking out of my behind. A nice lady told me "ma'am, you have paper sticking out of your jacket". My first thought was what paper? And then "oh shit"...Not the first time trust me... sad to say it's the third and probably not the last....thank goodness she told me.. can you imagine walking to my seat with toilet paper hanging out of my butt with everyone seeing. Oh my....bad enough about six ladies saw me (max). Oh well. And I actually got all my kitt off this time - in those cold public bathrooms it's leave the jacket, backpack on and get it over that I could see trailing paper behind...ah well. Wonder what I will do tomorrow?

Anyway...the Messiah was good. I really enjoyed it - I was in the first row in the highest balcony but got a good view of everything. I mean it wasn't Paul so I didn't need to ogle..:) Now I'm good for another three years - that's about how often I can handle it. Otherwise it is a bit much.

As far as yesterday goes..(man it seems so long ago..just yesterday?) I ended up going back to the market in Brick Lane (well one of them) and buying four coasters - they are really unique and hand made by the artist. I also had a meal there as I wandered around different markets in the area - it was a mish mash of different curries and noodles. Probably combining them all didn't do too much for the flavour as it looked better than it tasted - but it was still good. Enjoyed my day out in the East end very much.

Today I took a tour of Westminster Abbey - hadn't been there since 1975 - my first time to London. So decided it was time to go back as I had forgotten a lot of it (been a lot of water under the bridge since then!). I went with London Walks and the guide was so fun and informative. I love the London Walks company and have done a lot of walks with them. Afterwards I walked over to St. Martins in the Fields to their cafe in the crypt and had their turkey lunch but very disappointing - pressed turkey - or it seemed like it and those hideous sausages they have with bacon on - the veggies and potatoes were good at least but that was about it. So left there dissatisfied as I did not finish my meal - which is why there is prawn and mayonnaise sandwich from M & S in my backpack waiting to be devoured when I get back to the B & B....

This afternoon I went to Hyde Park to see Winter Wonderland...tacky but oh well. I had a cup of mulled wine and wandered around. Then on to Marks & Sparks on Oxford St to buy my goodies.

Corrie night tonight..double episode. Goodie goodie. I am in the internet cafe as the internet at the B & B is too unreliable. There is no way I could consider writing a post even this short without it crashing - or worrying about it crashing anyway. Hopefully he gets it looked at. Very disappointing although am using the netbook (and a flash drive) to back up my photographs. And I will probably do an online journal for my use only...somehow my little book from the dollar store hasn't been cracked open yet.

Tomorrow my friend Judi is coming up to London and we are going to the Nutcracker - I picked up the tickets today. So that will be fun - no doubt we will terrorize Oxford St., Regent St. and Carnaby St. - oh well as long as the toilet paper goes down the toilet life is good!

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