Friday, December 10, 2010

I got kicked out of Coutts bank today

Yep, got escorted out. I saw five beautiful Xmas trees in a window and saw it was Coutts bank but it was just a lobby with escalators and a security guard.Not like the actual bank was right there. So walked in about two feet and went to take a picture and a "suit" asked me what I was doing and I said taking a picture and got told no I couldn't this was a private bank. He was really snooty - stupid toff!! At first I was embarassed then upset now I think it's funny. Hey never been kicked out of a bank before - guess they don't want the riff raff in there when the richies come in.

Had a great rest of the day anyway - enjoyed a Xmas concert tonight at St Martins and one by the tree in Trafalgar Square as well. Did a 10km walk from Big Ben to the Tower of London and had a wonderful beef and guiness stew outside at St. Catherines Dock - it was not bad out at all. I took the bus home down Regent and Oxford Sts but was too tired to get off and take pictures. Maybe tomorrow!!!

Me thinks I will type my blogs onto Word and just dump them in here as the wifi here is absolute crap, I am kneeling with my computer on a table. No chair in this knees are killing me so I am a bit crabby But it was a wonderful day.

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-pat- said...

hey kicked out of a bank that is one up on me

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