Last post from London for now...I think

Unless the wifi at Simon's decides to work...anyhoo I ended up going to the Museum of London this afternoon which was enjoyable as always. And FREE. Particularly enjoyed the exhibition of "photographs" of what London would look like with the extremes of Global Warming.... I had wanted to try the Camel pub in Bethnal Green as it's known for it's good pies. (as in meat pies) I finally locate it and lo and behold it doesn't open until 4 p.m. At this point I am starving as I haven't had a bite to eat since 8 a.m. when I had toast and cereal and it's 2:30. So I decided to try a fish and chip place I'd heard about called The Fryers Delight in Holborn - it was good except they left some fish skin on...yuck yuck. The chips were fat and mushy - just how I like them. I'd go back for the chips but the fish....don't think so. Just seeing that gray skin makes me want to hurl...ugh. Other than that the fish was delicious.

A yucky wet day - it's snowing now - melting as soon as it touches the ground and the forecast for tomorrow here is sunny. However on Heathrow's website they are warning to check with your airline due to severe weather in the next few days. Fingers crossed it's okay until Saturday - of course that doesn't help the people traveling on Saturday. But I will be in Nepal so I won't give a rat's!!! (insert evil laugh)

You get all kinds in here - one lady just bawled out the girl at the counter for playing the music too loud - well it is loud but I just put the head phones on.

Anyway I guess I will use up my hour here and then carry on back to the B & B and start packing up. Not sure when I will leave tomorrow - if the weather is sunny I just may go for a walk and then head out - if not I will just head out once the rush hour is over with. I would rather be out at the airport and putting in time then get stuck on the underground somewhere panicking about missing my flight.

Hopefully I will be able to post from Kathmandu...we shall see.....