Laundry day

Yes my laundry is churning as we speak - 5.00 later...pounds that is. Then when it's time to dry it will be 20p for each two minutes or so. Oh yes, not cheap. Luckily I was able to get it into one big dryer for five pounds rather than four pounds for each load. when I get back from Nepal it will probably be two of them. Oh well, I want to start out the trip to Nepal with clean clothes so what can you do?

Not too bad out- was expecting it to be worse. However tonight we enter the deep freeze with arctic temperatures of...are you ready....are you really ready?.....-2C!!!!!! Gasp, how will we all survive..I am not sure. I must say though it is damn cold as it's a damp cold and as I dress in layers rather than haul my winter jacket over (which I hate by the way..) it is not that great - being a tourist that is and being outside a lot. The British cold is Saskatchewan we are in and out as fast as possible - although I must say I am not missing the current cold weather over there...NOT AT ALL....Anyway I will be heading for slightly warmly climes (looks to be 16C in Kathmandu on Saturday) so what do I care?

And I am in London....what other city can you be sitting on a bus and look out and see royal horsemen in their red serge and funny hats on their horsies trotting along the street. Love it. There is just everything here....I fell in love with this place in 1975 and it just keeps getting better and better. I love it more than ever and while there is the old there is the very very new as well. I don't miss the old days of my earlier trips when you walked funny due to the waxy toilet paper in public toilets, your only option for a quick meal was Wimpy.(BARF) ..well I could go on...modern London I love you! Like all loves it isn't perfect...the crowds get to me, I refuse to pay to use the loo unless I am desparate, the people can be snooty at times (no one does snooty like the English can - it's an art form - I am not talking all English - just a snooty few), hmmm...can't think of anything else that bugs me....

Am very excited about heading off to Nepal tomorrow afternoon...not sure if I will do anything in the morning - I am having a cooked breakfast and will probably walk around this area for an hour or so and then start heading to Heathrow.