Monday morning

Just had a go at the buffet breakfast's pretty good. This morning had a cheese and mushroom omelette with fresh pineapple and papaya. And some pastries....yesterday I was more adventurous and tried the local food. But decided to give my tummy a break this morning as it doesn't feel up to it. Not sick, just a bit burning which is normal as I adjust to the spices.

Excited about the walk this morning. Nervous about what is happening with the tour...from comments on Facebook it looks like some are cancelling out of the tour - can't say I blame them but doesn't look good for me. There is another tour one day later so maybe I can hook onto that is late too of course so we shall see.....getting back here for my flight could be a problem. I just hope that tomorrow is my last day in Kathmandu - I want to get out and see the real Nepal.

Not much else to report - hopefully lots more this evening!