Saturday, December 18, 2010

Namaste from Nepal

I'm here...the flights were great. Qatar was wonderful - would go with them again. We even got our choices put on the screen - I had lamb korma. I guess I will start baaing soon as had a lamb and mint little pocket thing as a snack and then on the Doha to Kathmandu flight we had breakfast.

Got my visa and a prepaid taxi here to the hotel. Okay....flashback to India big seatbelts in the car of course and traffic NUTSO with motor bikes all over the place...well it has to be seen to be believed. Anyway once I just sat and accepted whatever life threw my way I enjoyed the sights. I saw my first monkey of the trip already - saw this brown animal spring across the road and it looked too bouncy for a dog and sure enough, a monkey. People everywhere....a young child being soaped down right along the road (no sidewalks), shops and colourful clothes, mass confusion....can't wait to explore!

I am staying at the Annapurna Hotel on Durbar Marg - I am on the main floor and look out to the pool. Think it will be too cool to swim unfortunately - there was some kind of gathering going on there this afternoon. It is a nice place. I was sensible and had a nap - the only problem is getting up after the nap. Anyway I am showered and changed and going to the Indian restaurant in the hotel for dinner tonight. Wifi costs here but it's fairly reasonable so will take advantage while I can.

Getting together with the tour group at 4 p.m. tomorrow - am wondering if the group from England will make it as the weather is bad over there I gather. It was snowing while I was going out to Heathrow and had my fingers crossed but it stopped.

Warm and sunny here.

I already saw Mt Everest from the air craft so that was fun.

Tomorrow morning I will have breakfast and then explore the grounds of the hotel -it is in a quiet area but will walk a little further in. However I will be doing walking tour with the group on Monday morning. Then Tuesday morning we take off which is just as well as it is very polluted here (like big cities in India) and tourist are prone to chest infections from the air here.

Cheerio for now

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