Sunday, December 19, 2010

Still just me...

The tour leader told me the rest of the group won't be arriving tomorrow...not until Tuesday at least now. Anyway for now I am going on a walking tour of Durbar Square in the morning that was scheduled so get a one on one tour. He also mentioned something in the afternoon but I could not really understand what he meant. Guess I will find out!!! I feel for the people who are stranded at Heathrow...well not being able to fly out - I'd rather be here than at the airport that's for sure. They will lose some of the tour - hopefully they don't end up cancelling the tour but it doesn't sound like it. I wonder if some will cancel out must be so frustrating. They will all be exhausted when they get here and I will be wanting to talk their ears off as must admit I am starting to get a bit lonely. Kathmandu isn't the easiest city and I must look into getting a face mask as my throat is burning...I don't want to end up getting sick. Quite a few of the locals here wear face masks due to the pollution. Time for another go at the puffer I think.

I walked out again but did not go far....just too crazy and there is a blackout so can only imagine what it will be like later - only those with generators like this hotel have power. This happens about ten hours a day here due to not having enough energy resources for the amount of people,

I guess I will go back to Thamel on Tuesday and buy what I want as there won't be time when I get back here...not sure what is available in other places. I will ask the tour leader tomorrow.

Not sure if I mentioned the street children - very sad, They come here due to poverty or abuse at home thinking they will get a job (some are promised one and end up being abused again) and live on the streets. I have seen two groups - the last one right by the hotel and one was sniffing glue. Their eyes....they are so so sad. Think I will look up a charity that helps them when I get home no sense giving them money and they don't even ask.

Anyway this place has to be seen to be believed...I am hoping that the walking tour tomorrow will change my mind on Kathmandu and I will see the beautiful side of it because right now my opinion is not too positive!!! Once I get out of the city it will be totally different and I can't wait for that!!!

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