Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another day

Well the last two posts I just posted now - they were not being posted from the wifi at Simon's which is still very erratic. So I am at the internet cafe with a decaf cappucino in front of me. I rarely order anything but needed something warm tonight - raining out there. But hey, better than snow!

Just got back on the bus from Putney. I had supper at a pub there - can't remember the name but had steak and kidney pudding with chips and peas. (and not the mushy kind either...yeck) It was really good - I was in need of a real pub meal.

Today was a museum day - I started off at the Wellcome museum near Euston station. He was a pharmacist but into all things medical and a few things not. What a wild collection of items - everything from Charles Darwin's walking stick to a stone animals in the shape of male organs (yes really and I've got the picture to prove it). There was also an exhibit on High Society - thought it was about how the other half lives but was about drug taking...interesting. Really a unique place - and my kind of

Then on to the Ragged School museum in Mile End. I had never been in that area of the east end before so that was interesting - walked along the Regent's Canal there for about ten minutes. Definitely something I'd like to do in warmer weather. Anyway the Ragged school was set up for the poor children of the east end..hence called Ragged as that's what their clothes were. Displays on life in the east end which was a tough life for sure.

Then the tube over to the Victoria and Albert musuem where I saw some original sketches of Beatrix Potter; love her work! It was a great exhibit. That place is vast and you could stay in there for days.

Then by bus to Putney...just because.

I connected with my friend Irene today so we will be meeting up Friday evening for a meal at a pub so that's good.

Tomorrow is Borough market first thing - I told Simon not to fix breakfast as I will have it there. I LOVE Borough market - a foodies heaven. Then perhaps on to Battersea Dogs Home to visit all the doggies there. And from there who knows. I have a list of things to do...I may take a London walks tour tomorrow afternoon. Then tomorrow night is ballet at the Royal Opera House - well more a children's one - Beatrix Potter...oh I can't wait. All those mice dancing!!! I do love my mice! By the way you see mice running around the tracks in the underground - poor little things.

Then on to Putney for something different. And here I am.

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Dena said...

Nice to see you back. For awhile there I thought you had taken ill and were laying low.

Off to Borough Market for a look see!
Enjoy (and eat) for me.

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