Back in London town

Back in London town. My flights with Qatar were both good - I'd fly with them again. However 12 hours of flight time (not including stop over) was exhausting. The airport hotel last night was very good and I got the bus there no problem. I slept like a log last night. Back at Simon's now and the wifi is better than last time although it still goes off at times.

I did my laundry today - two huge loads of it. After sorting it all out here I walked over to Marks and Spencer in the Temple Fortune area. I walked through some woods - the Big Woods it is called. Very pretty. Well guess what I got for my supper...yep..a prawn and mayonaiise sandwich. (and apple juice...and other stuff which you don't have to know about!!) I didn't see any at first and was heartbroken so wandered around the store picking up other things (all the while whimpering and I'd kill for a microwave...such good food...) and back to the sandwich resigned to a wensleydale and carrot sandwich then what to my wandering eyes do appear but a prawn and mayonnaise sandwich. Hurray! I was just in the mood for one. Maybe I will try that cheese and carrot sandwich another day.

Double Corrie tonight..woo hoo life is good. Gonna upload pictures as well. I may try to put some on here or Facebook but it depends on the connection.

It may have to wait until I get home...what else am I going to do at 3 a.m. in the morning when I am awake from the jetlag.

It's a delicious feeling to be back in London. I thoroughly enjoyed my Nepalese adventure but it was time to go. The airport at Kathmandu was chaos about disorganized. Yikes.

I still have a bit of a tummy bug. When I got to the B and B Simon was talking on and on and I had to say Simon sorry I have to use the loo....and man did I. Just lucky nothing happened on the tube. It's not bad, could be worse. At least I wasn't in bed all day like I was when I got back from the Middle East. Lots of flu going around here though so I won't count my chickens...just fingers crossed I don't get it.

Lots of things planned for the next ten time to get sick!