Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching up

Well the wifi is wonky this morning so who knows when this will get posted.

I headed off yesterday morning to Wood Green tube station to finish off the Hampstead/Highgate walk. It was a great day - cold but clear with blue skys and sunshine. As someone had been beaten within an inch of their life in Alexandria Park a few days ago I decided to go on the weekend when there were more people. It is a lovely park. I had seen a sign for a farmers market so decided to visit - but couldn't see one. At Alexandria palace I asked a tall gentleman with a white beard and white hair (but no wrinkly old man skin) - well he answered but I couldn't tell you what he said. He had a lovely northern accent and his eyes twinkled and oh my....too bad his wife or whoever was with him. He reminded me of Paul..(Paul who?) and thought but he seems like somebody. Well then I realized later...the actor John Alderton. I've googled him but can't find any current pictures but anyway it was a lovely treat. :) Whowever he was! Never did see the market! Walked through the park and had a cumberland sausage sandwich and mushrooms and a cappucino at the Grove cafe in the park. (I had a very light breakfast here as I knew I'd be stopping there) I always stop there as I love it - the owner is Italian, plays Italian opera and if you are lucky (like yesterday) sings along. He is a real character. Then I carried on through Highgate woods (which is rather lonely during the week so another reason to go on a weekend) and got the bus to the tube station then on to Trafalgar Square and St. James Park. I love my St. James Park. My finger was hitting the shutter like a mad woman - a beautiful day for photography. I then took the tube to Bermondsey and had a Sunday roast in a restaurant - had wanted to find a pub but by then was getting pretty hungry. Back here for a restful evening.

Priscilla, the Desert Queen was good. The music was great - no orchestra or live band though. But it was fun and outrageous - I am sure it would offend many people with cross dressers, homeosexuality,a lot of swearing etc. but I thought it was funny. Not something I'd want to see again though as there are too many other plays and musicals here to see.

Today I am hopefully off to Richmond to do a 10km walk.

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