Monday, January 10, 2011

I had good intentions

Good intentions of doing a 10km walk in Richmond today but got there and thought...nah.....I did walk a mile to Ham House. It was closed but did tour the garden and look in the shop. The walk, along the river path was pleasant. I am excited to do the Thames Path and revisit this area when I visit England in better weather....instead of in the winter on my way to somewhere else.... I then took the bus to Kingston which was much bigger than I expected. I walked along the river and looked in the shops. I guess this will be my only visit outside of London..even though it is actually part of the southern part.

It was a pleasant day. Had late lunch/early supper in a pub...had their five pound meal deal which was awesome....a grilled mushroom and stilton cheese baguette with chips(fries) and a glass of white wine. Yes the wine was included in the five pounds. It was nice to get a bargain and it was a good meal.

A double Corrie last evening in...three more sleeps. Wah!!!!

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