Last post from the road

I head back to Regina hiss...and to horribly cold weather too...

Went to Billy Elliot tonight and loved it; have been wanting to see it for a while and with a London cast...not Toronto or New York. I had a ticket last time I was here but was so sick and couldn't go.

Last night I opted out of Romeo and Juliet...just could not handle sitting through a ballet and my seat was super cheap and a rotter at that. I went to The Kings Speech instead and loved it. Colin Firth deserves an Oscar for his a stammerer (is thata word?) I was right into it. Nothing worse than trying to say a word and nothing coming well I know. It never totally goes away and you learn how to work around it...most of the time. Anyway definitely a recommended movie.

Today I hopped busses all around London and saw my favourite places. I had lunch at a pub near the Tower of London called "Hung, Drawn & Quartered". I had a steak, mushroom and ale pie with chips and veggies. And a glass of wine..:) So last meal...sigh....

Oh and saw a dog on the bus with her nanny. Yep this woman is a nanny and now the kids are all in school her job is to take care of the dog. She was taking the dog (little black poodle) to a play date with two other dogs in another part of London. The house she was going to was like a musuem apparently so she couldn't let the dog's feet touch the ground in case they got dirty. Unreal. And this dog gets it's grooming done at Harrods no less...that's when she told me she was the dog's nanny and my jaw dropped even further. Now I've seen it all folks. No one loves dogs more than me but geesh....I love the fact you can take dogs on public transit here though.

What a five weeks it has been; amazing! I can't wait to get home and go through my pictures. They are on my netbook but want to see them on a bigger screen and decide which ones to print. Will add them to the blog as well.

Even though my knees did not like Nepal and are still letting me know about it I sure loved it. My dream come true. So glad I did it NOW and did not wait any longer.