Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh it's good to be back home again....NOT

Back in the land of ice and hoo. I left London with a very heavy heart and tears in my eyes. However I will be back...not sure when but hopefully in better weather. I always seem to be going there on my way to somewhere else lately.

No bumping...there were 135 empty seats which worked for me. I moved over to an empty middle row and was able to stretch out and close my eyes. The flights were good...I had a longer layover in Minneapolis than I had thought but just hung out. If I wasn't so tired I'd have gone to the Mall of America as it's just a light rail ride away but then again with security and the time I got through customs it was nearly 1 a.m. I had the taxi driver make a stop at 7/11 so I could get cream for my coffee and milk for my tea...the necessities of life!!! I am living off stuff in my deep freeze today - no intention of venturing out there. Tomorrow it's a hair cut and a small grocery shopping expedition...

If I can figure out how to run my TV I will be happy - they did a major upgrade while I was away...don't think the DVR is a go right now but even trying to figure out the Cable TV...luckily they sent a guide book along with new remote controls so shall work on that later. But that requires way more coffee or sleep....

Next up is working my way through the stack of Christmas mail which will be fun. Unpacking...not so fun....that can wait until later today.

I will be posting pictures and talking more about my trip. Impressions of Nepal and all that..what an amazing adventure it was. A dream come true for me...I can tell you the highlights were the elephant rides and the plane trip to see Everest. And the wonderful people with their beautiful smiles.... I will remember those for the rest of my life...or I should say until the dementia kicks in!!! (worse than it is now I should say!)

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