Saturday, January 1, 2011

On top of the world and on the bottom

Yes that's what my certificate says anyway..On Top of the was an awesome flight and Everest was peeking out at us. Hard to believe I've seen it. We got to go up to the flight deck and take pictures too. Was expensive but worth it. Woohoo I've seen of course all the others - all the highest peaks in the world. Magnificent.

Nearly cancelled as I am ill but immodium to the rescue - hate using that as it bungs you up something fierce although no one can accuse it of doing that to me this time. Sheesh. Hope I lose weight out of this. I guess it was the meal last night - something did not agree with me but who knows what. So here I am typing this in bed.

Got NO sleep last night due to idiotic people down the hall from me....they are carrying on now so am going to see if I can move it although I think the hotel is full. IDIOTS. They had their door open and were yelling and laughing and carrying on - no clue as they are Indians and spoke Hindi. I yelled across the hall to close their door and nothing so I went over and closed it myself. They opened it up so I called the front desk and security went to them and all went quiet....the kids are in the room beside me and just imagine the racket three unsupervised boys from about 8 to 12 can make...yep. They were banging on the parents door for ages so guess they were celebrating New Years...ahem. Then playing music. Anyway something has to be done as I cannot handle another night without sleep with a big flight tomorrow. It's like being in a New Delhi slum or something...whoops that was rascist forgive me but I am in a bitchy mood. Hey it can't be all moonlight and roses on the road. And for the record no hunky English men me on that one. Yikes. Now if the guide was six inches taller and not married...hmm.....but guys an inch shorter than me....nope.

Off to London town tomorrow at 12:35 p.m.. Whee! I've enjoyed my time here and Nepal is much calmer than India and I've lived my dream but I've had my fill of the third world for this time around. Esp. ending it in Kathmandu..words cannot describe how I loathe this city.

Oh and for those who care the internal terminal of the airport had horrific bathrooms - luckily one normal toilet with a door that was filthy but better than going in the communal squat toilets...yep remember my post on two toilets...this had four squat toilets in a row! I took a picture and a lady from Spain came in = she was on our flight and kept giving me strange looks the whole time. Ha ha. So guess that's what I have to look forward to in the international terminal tomorrow - I used the loo when I arrived here and it was "normal" but dirty. Let's just say squat toilets are interesting when you can't bend your knees....oh yeah....

Think I had better sign out for now....going to head downstairs and check in online for my flight and get my boarding passes and get some money changed. So far the cheese sandwich is staying where it should...fingers crossed!!!

Hopefully my bowels behave or it's back to the immodium and I will be so damn bunged up my eyes will bulge. (thought I'd leave you with that image..)

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