Part two

Okay nature called and I had to listen but didn't want to leave my post up. I am using the internet cafe as the Wifi at Simon's is a bit too erratic. He was going to have it looked at while I was away but he was sick and I haven't brought it up - for 25 pounds a night for bed and breakfast I am not going to bitch about the free wifi not working.
I have an invitation for tea but can't see me going. Sunday morning on the way to the tube station I decided to follow a little path that had intrigued me and saw a dog and then the lady who owned it and we walked together. Before I knew it she had invited me to stay with her next time I am in London...uh...I don't think so....perfect stranger? Very kind of her but no...She is an American living here...her husband is away right now and she said come for tea. She lives nearby. Anyway she was very friendly and kind but not sure I feel comfortable doing this with someone I've known five minutes. Maybe I'll be sold as a sex slave or something...(hmm..on second thought...). I am probably missing out on a wonderful friendship but no....but we had a great conversation and I found a fun short cut. The lane is called "Wild Hatch" - don't you just love it.

Still loving London so much...two more sleeps and I will start the trek home. I have mixed feelings. On one hand it will be good to sleep in my own DOUBLE bed (it's been all single hard beds for five weeks) and great to see my friends again but I will miss being on the road and the freedom it brings. Nepal was fantastic and I am so glad I did this trip. Like Peru, it is once in a lifetime. I loved it but don't need to go back. I've found that sometimes it's best not to go back. It's never the same. It did show me the weakness of my body though and before I go off on my next worldwide adventure I must lose weight and get in better shape. My knees are still bothering me and stairs are not my friend.