Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sickness is all around

As opposed to Love is All Around...anyone remember that song? Anyway....everyone and their dog, or I should say cat is sick here. So far I am keeping myself fairly tired but surviving. Another reason for a leisurely morning watching Corrie. Simon, the B and B host was sick over Xmas, his wife had H1n1....she was ill as well and as she is a nurse they tested her at work and sure even though the symptoms are gone she is off work. Even their three cats have cat flu! My friend Irene was sick over Xmas and New Years....fingers crossed I stay healthy. I am taking my vitamins and using antibacterial lotion and gel like a mad woman. Of course if I got ill and my trip home was delayed...hmmm..nah....want to get back and see my friends and get back to work and make some money.....

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