Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beautiful day

Yes a beautiful day - the sun came out this morning and actually stayed. The other days it came out in the morning and the weather deteriorated all day until it was raining by late afternoon. Not today. Windy and cool but a glorious day for walking. I had breakfast at a restaurant called Mole. Wonderful - it was my treat to myself. I had cream cheese scrambled eggs with mushrooms and ham, rosemary potatoes and sourdough toast. And a very good cup of coffee. Excellent and it kept me going until mid afternoon. This morning after much deliberation I decided to do a 5 km walk in Esquilmault as I decided to do an ocean side walk in the afternoon. A small group of us, including a Briard puppy walked together and it was very enjoyable. The highlight was climbing a small hill (huffing and puffing all the way) for a great view. I had done part of the walk during the walking convention in 07 and we passed by a funky pirate house that I'd seen in 07. After the walk I took the bus downtown and looked in a few shops but resisted. Then I came across a demonstration parade at the Legislative Buildings - they were protesting everything - Free Tibet (very dear to my heart), legalize marijuana, Raging Grannies were there, environment stuff - everyone gets out there and does their thing - it was great. I even joined in the parade for about a block but figured I had better get back to the hotel and get ready for my next walk. Walked along the path by Dallas Road and it was wonderful and invigorating. The ocean was a sight to behold and there were people wind surfing and doing other crazy things in the air. Loads of doggies. I was in my element. I walked back to the hotel through Beacon Hill park again. How I love Victoria. This was really just a taste - someday I will be back and for much longer. Tonight was our banquet - it was a buffet held at the Strathcona hotel and was really tasty. I sat with some very interesting people and had an enjoyable time. It ended about 8:30 so walked back here. Lots of people out and about. I think I am taking back my weight in tea and coffee...ha ha. I bought more this afternoon at James Bay Confectionary as they roast their own beans. I love buying locally roasted coffee beans - can't even remember the last time I bought any locally. That is my souvenir - that and my photographs. My alarm will go off at 4:15 a.m. and I get picked up at 5 a.m. The hotel let me print my boardingh pass on their printer which was nice of them. I actually got myself window seats - hope my bladder behaves. I will have brunch in Calgary as I've got a three hour layover there. Six weeks from today I will be in Whistler, B.C. - woo hoo. Next is bed

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