Friday, April 15, 2011

Going to university

Well not really but did do a 5 km walk at the university of Victoria. I started off the day with eggs bennie here at the hotel - decided not to brave the Blue Fox as there are line ups and my feet were still sore. Then I took the bus to a recreation centre where the walk began. I didn't ring the bell soon enough so had to go into the university and back but that was okay. The walk started out on a cedar chip path which was lovely and then into a woodland trail. I really enjoyed this walk. Did walk around the university a bit but it was mainly on paths. Walked through a beautiful garden and then back to the rec centre. Back on the bus - do not mind taking the bus at all - in fact I prefer it as you get to see a lot more and see the locals. Yes it may not be pretty sometimes but that's life. I had lunch at Blue Fish, Red Fish ...or is it the other way around...anyway it is a shack by the water that serves wonderful food. I had a tuna tacone which is grilled albacore tuna with spicy mayo with sprouts in a tortilla then grilled. It was wonderful. I'd love to go back tomorrow and try something else for lunch but I am sure being a weekend the line up will be unreal. I am enjoying my food as you can tell...being here such a short time I want to make every meal special. I salivated at an Indian buffet but thought I can do that at home but I can't have fresh fish by the ocean. Then I headed over to the rec centre in Esquimault for the walking festival. I did a 5 km walk and it was lovely - along the waterfront for some of it. I walked with a couple of ladies from Surrey, B.C. and also a "co-director" Beverly and we compared notes on Nepal as she was there just before me. After the walk there was a social with snacks and a cash bar and I was able to meet a lady who had emailed me about my walks in the Yukon so that was fun. Beverly and David gave me a lift "home" and here I am. Hoping to crawl into the tub tonight. And ponder the big question - where should I have breakfast tomorrow?

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