Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend West Coaster

Arrived here in Victoria in one piece - the flights were good. Up and down we went - Edmonton, Kelowna and finally Victoria. I decided to check my bag and glad I did - it was waiting for me no probs. Got the shuttle to the hotel and enjoyed the view along the way - this city is so beautiful. My room is cute and it's very clean. Had a light supper in the hotel restaurant - a cup of seafood chowder and a wonderful green salad with honey poppyseed dressing. Delish! Then I walked over to the Legislative Building as I am just four blocks away and took photos of the lights on the building. Back here to watch Criminal Minds and scare myself half to death! Think I am going to the James Bay Tea room for brekky. Then off to walk my socks off and enjoy fish and chips for supper - hopefully. Hopefully a tea stop at Murchies. Night Night!!

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