Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walking my socks off

Yesterday my friend Donna (from Ottawa) and I did two walks. The morning we did a 10km walk from Granville St. through the Shaunessay area of Vancouver and on to Queen Elizabeth park. Despite the on and off misty rain it was lovely but very tiring due to all the hills. I have a sore throat and my energy level is not what it should be so I was quite tired. The flowers are beautiful though and it was well worth everything. We stopped for lunch and had a wonderful curried lentil soup. Then we did a 5 km walk in the False Creek area and over to Granville Island. Had a quick look in the market and sat outside with coffee and enjoyed the view. Staggered through the rest of the walk and over to 4th Ave W where we enjoyed an Indian meal. Two for one Butter chicken so can't beat that...along with some naan. Yum. Back here where I crashed.

Poor Donna got stuck with the next door neighbour from hell. When we arrived Sunday afternoon this girl was playing the flute...bad enough. We were both starving so were heading out to get a bite to eat and Donna went back to double check to see if her door was locked and opened the wrong door. The girl started screaming and screaming and screaming. It was almost like a car alarm going off. Donna apologized over and over again and I yelled "Geesh give it a rest already". We had a laugh though - I was so tired I got hysterical over it. Anyway this girl sang along to music at all hours and this morning woke Donna up at 5 a.m. screaming into her cell phone. She also knocked on my door in error yesterday - I said YESSSSSSS in a deep voice and opened the door thinking it was Donna and she said sorry sorry and bowed (she was Japanese) I was tempted to start screaming. :)

This morning Donna headed off to Victoria and I did the 5 km walk along Jericho & Spanish Banks beach - a beautiful morning so it was very enjoyable. I came back to the university and changed and then took the bus over to Taiga to meet my friend Darlene. I got myself a new goretex jacket - I am still wearing the one I got here ten years ago but it's a bit faded and ripped inside. I figure once every ten years is pretty good - it's not cheap but I believe in buying quality. And bonus...it's made in Canada. If I like something I never grow tired of it. Same shade of blue so people will think I am wearing the same jacket! Darlene and I went to Granville Island and looked in the shops and market and then went for a nice Greek dinner in the West End on Denman. Had a lovely view of English Bay. I do love the ocean! Was nice seeing a long time friend - we have been penpals since 1967! And have met several times over the years.

Tomorrow will be a big adventure for me...stay tuned. I cannot wait - something else to tick off the bucket list.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend recap

Didn't get internet access until I got back to Vancouver but the weekend in Whistler was great. We did some beautiful walks. Despite the dire weather predictions the weather turned out really well - it just kept getting better and better. We did a walk to three lakes (11 km) on the Friday which was pretty despite overcast and a few showers- we stopped and had coffee at a lovely lodge on the lake. Sat outside and relaxed. I had a meeting in the afternoon. That evening we had a dessert buffet in the hotel's restaurant (Elephant & Castle). My hotel room was lovely.
Saturday we did a walk around Lost Lake - I walked 7 km. It was a better day and the lake looked beautiful. I then went on a 5 km walk around the village with a walker from Alberta and that was enjoyable as well. Whistler is pretty but definitely a tourist trap. It was nice to see the tops of the mountains at last which of course surround Whistler. That afternoon was the AGM. That evening we all walked over to the golf club (of course...being walkers) with a stop at the Inukshuk to have a group photo taken. (I had my photo taken the previous day in front of it - showing my opinion of the Olympics....) We had a hamburger bbq at the golf club. I left a bit early and walked around the town on my own so many people in such a small space was getting to me. That droan of people talking really gets to me.
Sunday morning we walked around the golf course and some further - I did 6 km. It was very pretty and a gorgeous sunny day. Some lucky people saw a bear on the golf course but it was gone by the time we went by. I had a quick shop getting myself a t-shirt and a sandwich and quickly ate it before heading off to two meetings. We got the 1:30 bus to Vancouver - the trip down the Sea to Sky highway was beautiful.
Took the skytrain then the bus and arrived at UBC. More to follow.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hi from Whistler

Yep I made it. My friend Donna loaned me her internet stick as the hotel here charges a lot. Anyway the flights were on time - a surprise to find my travel agent Bernice and a friend's husband were on the same flight - but heading off to Cabo in Mexico from Calgary. Lucky them. Oh well, arrived to cloudy skys but so far no rain....got my luggage quickly and got the Canada Line to Waterfront Station and then on to the Greyhound station via the Expo line. Painless....well mostly. Got my bus pass and off we went - Eilleen from Regina, Donna from Ottawa and me and ran into a couple of club members from Nova Scotia as well. Good trip up and we are at the Delta Whistler Suites which is right across from the bus stop. Such luxury - not used to it! Pink Grapefruit shower gel....bath time!!! I will enjoy it while I can as for the rest of the trip (with the exception of the motel in Hope) I will be trudging down the hall to use the loo and shower. I know some people are used to this luxury but when you travel as much as I do you have to economize somehow. I'd rather travel lots and stay in hostels then have one trip a year and stay in a fancy place but that's just me.

Donna and I were starving (she was over 80 hours on the Greyhound....YIKES - thought I am sure she did eat along the way but I was acting so goofy it seemed like I was the one that had been on the bus that long - mine was just from having about four hours of sleep) so went for an early supper - tuscan grilled vegetable sandwich with sweet potato fries. Sorry no photos Dena. It was good. We then went for a 5 km walk which was okay - the paths were nice - I did huff and puff on a few hills but by the time I am finished this trip I should be in much better shape she says hopefully - and stopped in at Cows and had an ice cream - in my case a double as could not make up my mind between blue berry and chocolate so had both. Having a double cone is very unusual for me...really it is. :) Talk about cows!!

Brekky tomorrow at 8 a.m.- not sure where we are going but I am in the mood for something GOOD - then we will do a 10km walk then a meeting at 1 p.m. I swore no more meetings when I left SaskTel but somehow meetings to do with walking are so much better than meetings about the CRTC, (SNORE) IT issues, new products and services...you get the drift. Then tomorrow night is the Meet & Greet at the Elephant and Castle downstairs.

Good to be back amongst a bunch of crazy walkers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Counting counting counting

Six more sleeps until I am outta here again. Off to Vancouver (by air), Whistler and then back on the hound via Hope, Kamloops (have to stop at both places and do a walk for a walking program I am on...yes I am obsessed but hey there are worse things to be obsessed about than walking...I should know....) and then Kelowna...just because I've never been there. Then 26 hours straight back home...piece of cake.

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