Fabulous day

The sun shone and my cold is almost over. Yippee skippy!!!

I walked the seawall in Stanley Park - my favourite walk in Vancouver. It was absolutely beautiful...as always. Quite busy with lots of people walking and cycling - I really like that they keep the cyclists and walkers on separate paths. I stopped and had lunch at Second Beach - sat on a log on the beach and ate fish and chips. It doesn't get much better than that. Enjoyed every last morsel. After I left the seawall I walked down Denman St enjoying the atmosphere.

Then I took the bus over to West Vancouver and did a 5 km walk in Ambleside - walked along the Capalino River, through a dog beach - I love that area and sat and enjoyed the dogs splashing in the ocean for quite a while...could have sat there all day! I then ended the walk by having an iced latte sitting overlooking the ocean - beautiful.

I sat waiting for the bus to downtown Vancouver and then I felt impulsive and crossed to the other side of the road and got the express bus out to Horseshoe Bay - this is where the ferries cross over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island as well as other places. I got off the ferry and the view was amazing with the blue ocean overshadowed by towering snow covered peaks. I walked around a bit and saw a rooftop deck and thought I am going there. So off I went - had a shrimp salad and a peach cidar - oh my, both were good. It was a day for eating but I did walk a lot. The salad was delicious with lots of shrimp and greens. I thought to myself aren't I lucky to be me - not only to be in this beautiful place but to have the ability to do things like this on my own. I know people who cannot go into a coffee shop on their own...how sad. We are our own best friends.....

I do love solo travel.

Eventually the express bus back to Vancouver left and luckily I was one of the first on and snagged a seat - the bus was packed to the rafters with people arriving off the ferry. I then waited for the trolley downtown. A fellow was on that was a bit on the mentally challenged side (being PC here) decided I was good to talk to - I attract them like flies I swear. So it was an entertaining trip back - luckily he got off before me.

A wonderful day...tomorrow I am off to Hope, B.C. to do the walk there. I am staying at a mom and pop motel so likely no wifi - I will be very shocked if there is. Hopefully I can touch base again in Kelowna on Sunday evening as I am staying at the youth hostel and I believe I can get online there. Having the free wifi here has been great.